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Everyone has their drama...

This is mine: high school...

...♥ Thee Fabulous Lisa-nator! ♥...
23 August
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I'm Lisa. I'm 16. i LOVE pizza, and i live in a place called el paso and it's very boring got nothing to do here....i'm in band, i'm an officer there and play anything like keyboards...(ex. xlyo, bells, marimba, etc.), next year i plan to become a bass...1st bass a matter of fact! i also am in stu-co and i'm an officer for the class of 06, i love long walks on the beach,i cry when looking at sunsets, i have a crush on a boi i can't stand...>.<...i love alot of anime's, my brothers got me into them, my favorite at the moment is chobits!...Chi the girl on my icon is so cute. i also like sailor moon, and love hina! i love Dr Seuss, fav. Dr S. book: Hop On Pop!...i like yellowcard their song "only one" makes me cry! i love all my friends even if they are annoying! some more than others but you get the whole point! i can hate on people!...lol! as some of my closer friends would know!

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